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  • Healthy and safe working

    The TRÔNE seat actively contributes to healthy and safe working. As standard, it has 4 electric motors that can be operated via the intuitive button control on the side of the seat. Thus, all ergonomically important positions are adjustable such as forward / backward, inclination of the backrest, length adjustment of the seat surface and the tendency of the seat. An optional 5th engine controls the setting of the lumbar support. With a choice of seat and back cheeks, it is easy to match the working conditions.

    Health & Safety


  • Innovative seating concepts

    TRÔNE Seating was founded by Frans-jozef van Seumeren, chair expert with a 45-year experience in professional driver’s seats for mobile use. Based on research, stricter legislation and regulations and user experiences, TRÔNE Seating develops new, innovative seating concepts for various industries. What these industries have in common is that heavy-duty seats are desirable that offer users comfort, efficiency and ease of use.

    Our engineering

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TRÔNE Seating has gathered a permanent team of specialists over the years; the so-called Seating Engineering Center Team. The team consists of experienced specialists in the areas of safety, sustainability, design, construct and usability.

The SEC-Team is used for various assignments in the field of professional seating solutions. This may be for product innovations by TRÔNE Seating itself, but certainly also for the development of external innovative and efficient seating solutions. For producers and larger parties from different industries.

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