electric setting = not more expensive, but much better

NEW, INNOVATIVE, MODERN, HEALTHY and NOT more expensive than a comparable manual seat

We cannot emphasize it enough: an electrically adjustable seat is no more expensive than a comparable manual seat. Our TRÔNE seats have been specially developed for industry, earthmoving and public transport. Wherever drivers work long and often in changing services, such a seat is a must to safeguard the health of the driver. Unfortunately, these types of seats were not yet available for these transport segments. But now it is. We make them.

We have two types: a seat with a low (height-adjustable) back for the forklift truck and a seat with a high back for where possible. On larger forklifts, in cranes, earth-moving machines and vehicles and on buses, trams, trains and subways.

Fine-tune your chair with up to 6 ELECTRICALLY adjustable seating positions!

What are the benefits then?


-simple, intuitive and quickly adjust your seat

-with memory functions NEVER even set your seat: the seat recognizes the driver


-personal: always sit according to your own settings

-ergonomic: fewer health problems

-comfortable: less tired due to personal comfort


-developed according to the latest guidelines in the field of ergonomics, technology and vibration load


-reduced staff loss

time gain with driver change

-less wear

-with added software options more control over business processes, vehicles, personnel and RI&E


We have seats with a low or high back, wide and narrow, front or side controls, but also many other application options. You can also choose from three different suspensieon; an integrated low air suspension of 7 cm and two separate ones with a seat height of 10 and 12 cm.