With over 45 years of experience in the field of mobile sitting, TRÔNE Seating has a solid foundation to support companies in developing their own exclusive seat concept. Then it can be a completely new seat, an adjustment / improvement to an existing seat or the optimization of a seat for the use for which it is intended. There are many seats in the market, but they are often standard and not suitable for specific working conditions. Often they do not have sufficient adjustment possibilities to offer the variation of drivers an appropriate sitting posture.

When developing a cabin, the required functionality and design are looked at rather than the ergonomics of the workplace. Some cabs are particularly restrictive. Think of the cab of a container truck. It is low, so good suspension often can not be applied, heavily, so that it transmits a lot of vibrations and low, so small drivers can not lose the legs and can not turn around the axis to look backwards. Long drivers have a hard time in such a situation. The fork-lift truck impedes healthy working on the truck and is limited in its capabilities because it is built for the machine and not for the human being.

TRÔNE Seating can help you find smart solutions to optimize such a seating situation. TRÔNE cooperates with professional specialists from all disciplines. From engineering, design, to health and safety specialists.

In addition to support, the SEC team at TRÔNE Seating can also take care of the entire development process of an own seat.

Research, legislation and regulations

The SEC team can carry out research for you, always work with the latest standards and is aware of the demands on seats in certain sectors.

RANGE OF TRÔNES | seats for the future

In addition to the development for others, the development of the own Range of TRÔNES continues. This series of electric industrial seats, with or without memory, has been developed for the forklift truck and has since become its spin-off in other sectors.
These high end chairs can also be supplied in simpler variants. You do have the ergonomics and the electrical settings, but no memory. This makes the chair applicable for a wider range of vehicles. Because there is a demand for a budget variant, even a mechanical variant is available.


The main thing is always that the development contributes to healthy and safe working, which reduces sickness or complaints and increases job satisfaction.