Primeur voor Trône Seating: ‘Best in Intralogistics’

Trône Seating was the first Dutch company to receive the “Best in Intralogistics” seal of approval. The certificate was introduced last year as a reward for the high level of innovation of the nominated trucks and solutions that have successfully completed the IFOY test procedure. Only innovations that carry the certificate have passed the three-part IFOY Audit.

The first part of the IFOY Audit is the scientific IFOY Innovation Check. The second part contains the practical IFOY Test. And thirdly, the nominated solutions are tested by the 29 jury members and their advisers.
Trône Seating received the certificate for the Trône Memory Chair, which the company introduced during the CeMAT 2018. The Trône is the world’s first fully electrically adjustable forklift truck with memory.

Trône forklift seat with memory
You adjust the electrical adjustment through intuitive button operation; The memory selection is possible both via button push and Bluetooth or link to the electronic activation of the truck via pin code, personal access pass or transponder.

Certainly when a forklift truck has several users, correct seat adjustment often comes to the fore in practice. This increases the chance of physical complaints and can result in unnecessary and costly absenteeism.
The completely newly developed Trône forklift seat prevents this and actively contributes to healthy and safe working. The ergonomic and modern designed chair has been developed in accordance with the basic requirements for working with a forklift truck. The chair offers a low backrest for easy turning / looking back, stable modular side supports for a good side support and back support extra lumbar support.

In addition, the Trône has several electric motors that can be operated via the intuitive button controls on the side of the seat. All ergonomically important positions are adjustable, such as forward / backward, backrest inclination, seat height adjustment, seat inclination and backrest height adjustment, which is equipped with an integrated lumbar support. The height adjustment of the seat is controlled by the automatic air suspension.

Of course, the Trône itself automatically adjusts the correct amount of shock absorption to the body weight of the driver, but a semi-automatic damping is also available. The innovative seat can also remember the preferences of several drivers and ensure that the settings are always correctly adjusted to the wishes of the driver.
The control software can be expanded with various unique and useful functions that link the use of the seat (driving time, service, vibration load), the driver (use, presence, alertness, driving behavior), communication and traceability to the existing registration systems of the companies.

The Trône can easily be mounted on an existing suspension.


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