Former owner SAVAS Seating is founder TRÔNE Seating

TRÔNE Seating has been around for over a year now. That is why we would like to tell something about the history of creation. The company was founded by Frans-Jozef van Seumeren, previously founder of SAVAS Seating, which was founded in 1992.

The knowledge of driver’s seats, however, dates back to 1963 when his father started selling truck seats. At that time, the approach was mainly to replace broken seats.

Frans-Jozef initially expanded the Belgian branch of that company, with the emphasis increasingly shifting to assembling driver’s seats for all types of vehicles. Full attention was focused on chairs in 1992 by setting up a SAVAS branch in the Netherlands. The health and safety legislation of the nineties paid a lot of attention to a healthy workplace and SAVAS became a serious partner for health and safety services.

No more standard seats were sold, but custom made seats. Every driver has his own healthy seat! From that expertise, the first own seats were developed for markets for which there were no adequate seats. Frans-Jozef was the first to develop the SAVAS forklift seat Columbus. Together with TNO work and labor, a chair was developed that was specifically intended for work and sitting on a forklift.

From that moment it went fast. Among other things in public transport where, based on tenders, seats were built based on specifications. A contract with the Dutch Railways followed. This put the emphasis on seats for rail. (tram, train and metro). All own seats were given names by explorers. Many large transport companies and train builders in Europe were customers of SAVAS Seating in Zaltbommel for the driver’s seat. The James Cook, for example, was an all-round budget chair, specifically developed according to the extremely strict standards for rail. The electric Livingstone also saw the light.

At that time, the power of the crisis also increased for SAVAS and in 2014 the largest supplier took over SAVAS. After two years, Frans-Jozef, who firmly believed in a new generation of seats, new technologies and new materials, began developing his dream with a small team: a modern, electrically operated forklift seat with memory and the possibility of other functions attached to the seat but also connect business software. Healthy and safe working is the spearhead of our time.

From the working name TRÔNE the company name TRÔNE Seating was born. As said, now one year old and two standard seats, also called TRÔNES, richer. A Low Back seat for the forklift truck and a High Back for larger trucks and earthmoving. Particularly honorable was that this year, start-up TRÔNE won an innovation IFOY award with the forklift seat.

The TRÔNE seats have been developed in such a way that they can be mounted and installed in any machine while retaining all functionalities. Entrepreneur, founder, developer Frans-Jozef van Seumeren is a satisfied man. His dream was born in a new company.