Health & Safety

Sitting safely and working healthy

Sitting is not healthy. Prolonged sitting on an industrial vehicle often causes health problems. Complaints as a result of work can be caused by incorrect ergonomics, a mismatched chair, improper adjustment, a lack of adjustment options, a wrong sitting posture, incorrect driving behavior, a too high dose of body vibrations, no or poor maintenance and / or lack of seating instruction. and instructions for use.

The current Health and Safety legislation wants the employer to record the risks of the work. The employer is, together with the employee, responsible for complaints arising from the work. Spearhead is prevention.

What can you do to limit the risks of working on the lift truck?

  • provide information and instruction on safe working
  • fight dangers at the source
  • organize the necessary control measures
  • ensuring safe means and working methods

In addition to dropping out due to health problems, you also have to deal with motivation for the work. The well-being of a driver is largely determined by the circumstances. A chair that is bad for him can have a major impact on labor productivity.

It is important to pay attention to all these aspects of mobile sitting. TRÔNE Seating can help you with this. From our own expertise and through years of collaboration with various professional experts.