User-friendly and ergonomically responsible

The TRÔNE seat was developed by the Seating Engineering Center – Team of TRÔNE Seating. The most important starting value in the development of the seat is to develop a user-friendly and ergonomically responsible driver’s seat for mobile use.

Standard memory function and electrically adjustable
What all versions have in common within the TRÔNE seating line is that they are standard equipped with a memory function and that they are electrically operated. Because the seats are intended for heavy duty and / or 24-hour use, more than one person uses this seat every 24 hours.

Personal setting seat

This means that the seat must be individually adjustable quickly in order to make the moment of change of user as efficient as possible. This can only be achieved with an electrical adjustment linked to software that can adjust the driver’s personal settings without having to look at them. This happens quickly and all functions are set simultaneously. This can be achieved with various applications, such as with a key, smartphone or tag.

Increase work productivity and job satisfaction

The well-being of the driver is to a large extent decisive for his motivation for the work. A professional seat adjusted to his or her body will positively influence his or her work productivity.

With the current software, a seat and the use can be monitored to enable an even better evaluation of the risks. In this way you achieve an optimal balance of material, job satisfaction and productivity.