TRÔNE High Back – electric

The ideal seat for use on forklifts, earthmoving machines and agricultural and forestry machines. With this comfortable seat, the lumbar adjustment is manually adjustable, as with all other TRÔNE seat versions. All other personal settings can be set automatically with the unique memory function.

4 Motors ensure the perfect personal setting

The basic settings of the TRÔNE HIGH BACK seat:

  • forward and backward adjustment of the entire seat
  • height and low setting of the entire seat
  • height and low adjustment of the back of the seat
  • back adjustment forwards and backwards – infinitely variable
  • seat adjustment forwards and backwards – infinitely variable
  • tilt adjustment seat, adjustment range xx °

Memory seat setting

The TRÔNE HIGH BACK seat is also equipped as standard with the unique memory function that makes the electric adjustment of the seat quicker as soon as it is activated. This can be done by using the user app developed specifically for TRÔNE, using a magnetic key or by entering the personal memory code on the control panel on the side of the seat.

Easy to place on existing frames

The TRÔNE seats are constructed in such a way that they are easy to mount on the existing frame or suspension of your machine or truck. So you can choose whether you want to place a static frame or suspension or static under the seat. But the TRÔNE seat can also be easily mounted on virtually any other suspension.

Tailor-made seat due to modular construction

The basic TRÔNE seat models can be expanded with various modular additions as desired. A number of possible options are dedicated armrests, extension of the backrest side panels, extension of the seat, additional support surfaces on the side of the seat or, for example, additional height adjustment of the headrest.