TRÔNE Seat nominated for innovation award IFOY 2019

Nomination IFOY Award for TRÔNE Seating

The young company TRÔNE Seating from the Netherlands has been nominated for the IFOY Award in the category ‘startups’. The nomination concerns her electrically powered Memory Seat for internal transport. The unique feature of this chair is that it is suitable for an infinite number of drivers and that different user aspects can be monitored from behind the computer, thus achieving personal physical and commercial benefit on all fronts.


Personal seating settings

Every driver, including drivers of forklift trucks, differs from posture. Yet most of them get into a seat that has been set by a predecessor. Prolonged sitting is usually not good for the body, but sitting on an inappropriate seat causes physical complaints that can even lead to incapacity for work.

Prevent health complaints

With the memory seat TRÔNE you prevent these health problems preventively. The seat recognizes the driver and adjusts automatically to his predefined and fixed settings. While maintaining comfort, the seat is suspended so that almost every driver can drive a (container) truck. In addition to the most common (electric) seat settings, the TRÔNE also has a tilt adjustment of the seat and a lumbar support. Both important adjustments for a good sitting posture.


Furthermore, the chair has various registration tools and sensors that can monitor useful aspects of driving and working on trucks, thus benefiting both employer and employee.

– monitoring forklift use: attendance registration, use of forklift and seat, control of driving behavior, track & trace, optimization of warehouse routes
– combine with other business software
– automatic service demand provides less wear and damage
– measuring vibration doses (EU directive)
– indemnification of health claims by personal attitude of the driver
– more comfort: less absenteeism
– adjustable seat for each posture

– more comfortable and ergonomic driving according to your personal settings
– quick setting with modern setting means
– visual adjustment intuitive (no manual needed)
– fewer health complaints, less stress
– modern equipment that is maintained on time, reducing health damage

The IFOY AWARD (International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year) is an independent organization.

Its mission is to identify and recognize the best intralogistics products and solutions of the year and to develop activities to assess outstanding technical and strategic performance in intralogistics and to generate incentives for innovation.

The organization can draw on an international expert jury consisting of well-known trade journalists who also represent the leading logistics media in the various markets.

The test days are in Hanover from 1-8 March and the award ceremony takes place in Vienna on 26 April.