TRÔNE seats for terminal trucks BTT

Terberg supplies 15 terminal trucks to BTT Multimodal Container Solutions. TRÔNE Seating places its electrically operated High Back in these tractors.

This seat has five electrically adjustable functions. The seat and the tilt of the seat, both positive and negative. The total backrest and the upper back / shoulder (Kyfose) and the lumbar support (Lordose) are also electrically adjustable. The seat is placed on an air suspension and a Sittab 4D armrest is mounted on the seat.

The total seat adjustment is mechanical. Why? Every driver sets this automatically because he has to be able to reach the pedals with his feet.

Reason for the electrical settings?
The other functions are often forgotten, so that you sit and work in someone else’s position for eight hours. Not that healthy. So very useful those electrical adjustments. The front operation also allows the driver to operate the buttons well.

This makes the seat optimally adjustable for every driver, with long or short, narrow or wide stature. Even if you want to change positions while working. This is recommended because it promotes blood flow to the limbs.

Jordy Versteijnen of BTT is very happy with the ergonomic seats on these trucks, which are also rented out. For more information, please contact him at

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